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I 'm Darya, the designer + maker behind gras 'roots URBAN.  Raised by artisans, I can't imagine a "work life" not including some form of creativity.  All of my professional experiences have included it.  Before making jewelry I was a wedding planner and a private Spanish teacher (where I developed all of my own curriculum and teaching techniques).  I just love it when someone learns something and really GETS it.  The excitement in that AH-HA moment is contagious.  I had never intended on stepping back from wedding planning or teaching, but when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, I needed a change of pace in my life.   What started out as a creative outlet in a very trying time, turned into the flourishing business I have today.  That was 8 years ago!  My first medium was wire and beads, then I moved into metal smithing.   An unfortunate injury meant that I had to move away from metal work and now enters...polymer clay!  It is such a versatile material with huge creative potential.  It took me all of 5 minutes to become addicted as I completely fell in love with the colour, the way it moves, the endless possibilities.  I feel like now is the right time to combine my love of teaching with my love of polymer clay and create a space for all makers to learn and grow in their skills.  In this community I will be sharing videos of my working process, unique tips, how to grow a creative business, and the mindset of exceptional quality and individual expressionWhile the focus will be on polymer clay as a medium, I will also introduce small amounts of wire work and metal smithing techniques.  It is my hope that you will all find your own creative voices and the same AH-HA moments in your learning + making!






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